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My name is Melissa Hanson and my goal is to help you become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself through proven clean living methods with plant-based wellness. I’m all about keeping it real - real food, real products and real people.

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Are you looking for a healthy gut, optimal hormone balance and to lose weight the healthy, natural and holistic way?


The solution to feeling better is easier than you think.

  • Transform your health
  • Enjoy optimal energy levels 
  • Benefit from plant-based nutrition
  • Give your body the love it needs and deserves
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Today is the day to take back control of your life!
Through simple, delicious recipes and health tips that have personally helped me, we create your ultimate lifestyle change for lasting results. It’s amazing how our bodies respond to tender love and care with an organic, wholesome diet that’s easy to maintain.
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What's Included

Your transformation pack includes:

  • 2 Apothe-Cherry
  • 2 Biome Medic
  • 2 Super Amino 23
  • Super CleansR
  • 1 Stainless Blender Bottle
  • Power Shake*

*(60 servings + 4 Terra Pouches)

Kick-starting your transformation is easy with the 30-day Purium program. The products can help nourish your body and support its own ability to detoxify, support restful sleep, optimal digestion and a balanced mood.

This ultimate transformation pack is filled with ingredients to help your body thrive, including vegan protein, greens, healthy fats and more. 

We have a host of success stories.
John Dacey
Christine Chandarlis
Beth Toth
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You can do this! Keep your momentum going with the Daily Core 4, by setting up your smart order today.

  • Stay on track with your health goals.
  • Locks in your 25% savings.
  • Receive double points to use as cash off.
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